QFF installation

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Installation instructions for QFF

  1. Download the QFF binary files from [https://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=172094 sourceforge

    The project consists of 4 subprojects (AFF, BMS, NFF, VFF), so you have to download 4 files.

  2. Download the binaries of the projects QFF depends on

  3. Download and install Java3D from java.net

  4. If you want to use optimizers of the R project, then you have to perform the following steps
    1. Download and install R (version 2.8.0 is recommended)
    2. Set the R_HOME environment variable to the root directory of the previously installed R software and
      • WINDOWS USERS: add "R_HOME\bin" to the path variable
      • UNIX USERS: R must be compiled using --enable-R-shlib and the directory containing libR.so must be in LD_LIBRARY_PATH. Also libjvm.so and other dependent Java libraries must be on LD_LIBRARY_PATH
    3. Run R and install the library "rJava" from a repository server
    4. Add jri.jar to your classpath (The jar file is in the "R_HOME\library\rJava\jri" directory)
    5. Add the directory containing jri.dll to your classpath (The dll file is in the "R_HOME\library\rJava\jri" directory)